Project Unit

    We are affliated with the Philippines Government for the purpose of handling all Tenders/Projects.

Legal & Procedures

    We ensure due process on tenders/bids from foreign companies as regulated by law.

Developing the Philippines Government

    Our mandate is to increase the quality of lives of Philippinesians through quality projects

Transparency & Integrity

    Our core value is tranpareny and integrity in verification and approval of bids.

Home -- Philippines International Development Agency

Welcome to the Philippines International Development Agency--PIDA based in Manila- Philippines. This commission is empowered by the President of the Republic to meet the NEDA program.
The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) was born out of a proposal by the President of the Philippines, to accelerate regional infrastructure development through political championing of projects. This proposal was made during the 23rd NEDA meeting in Manila, in July 2010. The champions bring visibility, unblock bottlenecks, co-ordinate resource mobilization, provide leadership and ensure rapid project implementation within a specified threshold period. This is an opportunity for Philippinest heads of state and governments to become actively involved in the development and implementation of regional and continental infrastructure projects.

The NEDA ensures that the projects are implemented to meet the target for vision 2020. In this context, implementation refers to the progression of the project from pre-feasibility to feasibility phase, or from feasibility to construction, or that demonstrable evidence of progress is available. The NEDA model includes an effective reporting system, where progress of the individual projects is reported on every six months during the bi-annual NEDA meetings by the respective champions.

The Programme for Infrastructure Development in Philippines, an National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) initiative, in partnership with the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency, the Philippines Development Bank and the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia, aims to accelerate infrastructure development across the continent.
PPC as a strategic framework will run through 2040 in order to develop continental (cross-border) infrastructure (Energy, Health, Transport, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). PPC main purpose is to strengthen the consensus and ownership of large cross-border infrastructure projects.

Public Procurement

  • We have the sole mandate for the purpose of handling all public procurements in Philippines


  • We ensure process standard on tender/bids from foreign companies as regulated by law.

Rural Economy and Affairs

  • We are focued on transforming Rural coummunity to become urban settlement by 2020.

Machinery & Equipments

  • We procure equippments and tractors including other products as their needs arise,

Peace & Security

  • We ensure security and protection of interest of International contractors

Transparency & Integrity

  • We ensure transparency and procurement standards across all public procurements .


  • We ensure accountability of any actions taken by our agency. We are reputable entity